March 9, 2011

Today In History

'Oscar DePriest, former Illinois Congressman, was born in Florence, AL, today March 9, 1871. DePriest was the first African-American Congressman in the North.'

'North Carolina A&T State University was founded today March 9, 1891. The historically Black University in Greensboro, NC, offers the Bachelor's and Master's degree in numerous disciplines. Ph.D.s were awarded to graduates in engineering in 1998.'

'Carl T. Rowan, columnist and journalist, was named Ambassador to Finland today March 9, 1963.'

'Walter Francis White was named Executive Secretary of the NAACP today March 9, 1931.'

(photo #1: Oscar DePriest/photo #2: North Carolina A&T State University/photo #3: Carl T. Rowman/photo #4: Walter Francis)

- CARTER Magazine

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